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Property Management Tips – It Takes a Village

A truly passionate and organized one 

I have heard it said all of my life that it takes a village to raise a child. And this applies to property management just the same. 

For those of us in property management and the villa rental industry, we know it takes an organized village to manage and properly care for a home. Making guests happy takes multiple people working together for a smooth and peaceful experience. In today’s changing travel environment, helping people is important, whether its making a guest feels safe with an extra sanitized kitchen, or a home owner needs a call from our owners to discuss changes in marketing their property, we strive to pivot our services to   

On any given day we have about 39 sets of boots on the ground. Our phones start before daylight and the last thing we do before bed is close our laptops.We are not social media gurus or online gamers. We are property owners and managers, day in, day out. We are working, taking care of our owners and their homes and our beloved guests. 

I need more towels, I would like to have a late checkout, I need to shift my dates around, I think I want another quote for my pool repair, I want you to meet the cable guy for me…… the needs and wants of a homeowners and guests are constant and each one matters.  

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we care for the needs of others.Both our guests and our homeowners have individual needs.Each need is important to us, without these needs we don’t have a business really.So we dispatch out teams, we follow up with each request, and we honestly love it.Although I am thinking about having my cell phone sewn to my hand so I can do more things at once.  

You see, we aren’t just caring for a home for an owner, in fact we are managing their investments, we are removing the stress and the worry, because they know we are an army protecting their home and caring for their every inquiry. 

The new breed of guest the guest that doesn’t want to stay
in a hotel during this pandemic.

They are used to concierge service, fine dining, and a front desk agent.They want an easy and carefree experience. That is where customized and personalized service matters. At Shine Villas, we offer guests everything except their turn down service. (Funny enough, we do have butler on staff that would totally do it.) We give them their own little oasis. We pick up birthday cakes, drop off gifts, and tailor their stay as best we can.Again, we are a small army of about 39 sets of boots on the ground running in different directions with lots of moving parts.   Some days it’s like herding cats. 

But honestly, we laugh most all day long, we have prayed together, and at times grieved with a team member.We are a family, we care about one another, we care about our guests, and we love our homeowners.They all rely on us and we will not and cannot let them down. We love the smiles on guests faces, hearing about their holiday and sharing those with our home owners.  

In this new normal, such as it is, we must lead by example and be a light in someone else’s corner.We are passionate about this industry, and no matter what, we will work hard, love people where they are, and grow this business successfully, in this new environment. Surround yourself, your holiday moments and your home with a strong village.

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